Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Accidental fledge

Yesterday, 9:25:13 the third juvenile was sitting and preening on the wall in front of the nestbox:

Day 40, juvenile is sitting on ledge

Day 40, juvenile is preening on ledge

9:25:26 - Mum arrives with a pigeon:

Day 40, Mum arrives

9:25:27 - this spooks the juvenile who flies off:

Day 40, Mum arrives with a pigeon, the juvenile is spooked and flies off

9:25:28 - the juvenile has fledged, thanks Mum!

Day 40, the juvenile has fledged, accidentally, thanks Mum!

Mum then just looked on then dropped below with the pigeon before getting back on the wall and start eating. I unfortunately narrowly missed it live, it's only after not seeing the juvenile for a while that I checked the recording. Seeing how unconcerned Mum was gave me an indication that the juvenile was fine and I managed to find it pretty quickly and it looked indeed fine. It also was at a level not that much lower than the ledge, way higher than its brother, due to the fact that it was a lot more ready.

I saw it briefly today at 4:30 and then didn't locate it until just before the thunderstorm, almost all the way to the top, which was great to see. I wasn't sure though until after the thunderstorm when I managed to see the whole family at the same time.

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