Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Happy birthday!

Just a quick post to say it was only 2 months ago today that 2 of the juveniles hatched and looked like this:

11:48 first feed

Now, at least one of them is as big as Mum: #3. I do see a lot of Charlie in her, it's a feeling quite difficult to explain, especially as juvenile plumage is quite different to the adult one, but I just do...

The juveniles have now been properly flying for about 2 weeks but there are still the occasional mishaps. For example this evening, #1 dived after a pigeon almost to the ground and found it really hard to gain height again, probably because there was little wind. She did 2 of the things I thought juveniles might do at this site in this situation and managed to get back up in 3 stages, first landing about a third of the way up, then having a breather two thirds up. The last third was made easier by Mum bringing some food ;) which her sister promptly appropriated for herself.

Once again, I didn't see #2 this evening. I am considering calling him Wally as I am playing this "where's Wally?" game a lot as far as he is concerned. I didn't find him for 2 days last week whereas his 2 sisters were not that hard to find most of the time.

Tomorrow evening will be the third one's birthday, hopefully I'll get to see the 3 of them at some point...


  1. Nat, the male is probably seeking his own space already,more chance of being fed on his own.Dave

  2. Dave, somehow I thought you might say that :) It's in great part due to your posts about male/female juveniles that I don't worry too much if I don't see him for a day or so. Nathalie

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