Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First egg

The view I had been waiting for for weeks, at last, over night, Charlie laid her first egg this year.  Last night, she arrived in the box at 7:30pm and for once did stay for more than a few minutes (I even had the aptop on the kitchen table while preparing my dinner...), around 25 minutes. But then she hopped back on the ledge. And returned to the box for around 15 minutes. Then from 8:30 until 11pm, she just stood on the nest ledge. I barely dared hope when I checked the CCTV when I got up, but there it was at last: an EGG!!!
She was soon back on it and has been for most of the day (though she won't be properly  incubating it quite yet). She had a long break at the end of the afternoon to eat some prey MrC had caught and then digest it, while he kept vigil on the ledge.
Here's to the second one!

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  1. Congratulations on seeing the egg. May it be the first of many. Well, of four, anyway.

    Nick Moyes
    Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project