Thursday, 19 May 2011

First chicks!

Last night, the pair switched positions around 8pm, revealing 3 eggs neatly positioned by the male:

20:06 3 eggs

When I checked the cctv stream this morning I thought I caught a glimpse of something white and fluffy, but it's only when the falcon moved a piece of eggshell that I knew: at least one chick had hatched:

6:24 egg shell

I had to wait for another 40 minutes before seeing the first chick properly:

7:07 male brings prey

7:08 First view of first chick

7:09 1 chick

Then, towards the end of the morning, surprise, surprise: 2 chicks!

11:40 2 chicks

Notice that a piece of eggshell has fallen out of the nestbox. It was subsequently picked up by the female and brought back in the box

11:46 first feed

11:48 first feed

11:50 first feed

Unfortunately the recording equipment broke down so we do not have video clips to show you and can't pinpoint hatching times more accurately. Hopefully, this should be fixed tomorrow.

Talking of recordings, nearly 2 weeks ago, a podcast was recorded at the London Wetland Centre, which will be hopefully the first of many. On the menu, latest sightings from around the reserve, photography tips and a short summary about the Peregrine pair.
You can listen/download it here on iTunes.

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