Monday, 9 May 2011


We are in the doldrums of incubation and, thankfully, there isn't much to report. Both birds have taken their turn at incubating the eggs and below are a few screenshots of both of them on the eggs and some nest reliefs.

The male pops in on the ledge but the falcon didn't want to be relieved, he left 15 minutes later.

Having a snooze

The male arrives for an early evening shift, he was to leave at 9:53pm that day.

Check the difference in size between the female (above) and the male (below).
No, they don't spend their time looking at the camera, very little time in fact, but it makes for nicer shots.
The female has arrived to relieve the male who seemed reluctant to leave, often he's out like a shot before she's even landed...

Day 24, not too long to go now, the first chick should start to hatch within the week now.

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